PASSPORT Administrative Agencies

PASSPORT Administrative Agencies are responsible for the day-to-day operations of Ohio's PASSPORT home and community-based Medicaid waiver program. There are 13 administrative agencies designated by the Department of Aging throughout the state. For the most part, these agencies are the Area Agencies on Aging, except in Champaign, Darke, Logan, Miami, Preble & Shelby counties, where Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley administers PASSPORT services

Quality Care in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Abbott Home Care Plus offers the PASSPORT Program to help our clients and their families with the best quality care and any financial Burdon that it may cause.

Most elderly prefer to live independently in their own homes, in their communities, surrounded by family and friends, for as long as they can. But, many need some help doing so. Before Medicaid waiver programs, older adults who needed any degree of long-term care typically entered nursing homes. Ohio's PASSPORT Medicaid waiver program helps Medicaid-eligible older adults get the long-term services and supports they need to stay in their homes.

PASSPORT uses federal and state funds, through a Medicaid waiver, to pay for in-home alternatives to nursing home care for low-income, Medicaid eligible seniors. PASSPORT is a two-pronged program.

The first part is a pre-admission screening during which interested consumers are screened by telephone to determine preliminary Medicaid eligibility and care needs. They are also provided information about the variety of long-term care options available.

The second part of PASSPORT is home care. Once a consumer is determined eligible a case manager works with him or her to develop a package of in-home services to be provided by local service providers. The case manager then monitors the care for quality and changes the care plan as necessary.

Is Self-Directed Care Right For You?

PASSPORT provides options for some participants to direct their own care. Self-directed care may be right for you if you agree with any of these statements:

  • I am satisfied with the home and community-based services that help me so I can continue living in the community.
  • I have special health needs (e.g., memory impairment, chronic health problem or disability) or cultural needs (e.g., language) that could be better met by a service where I can use workers that I know, like my family or friends.
  • My life could be improved if I had more control over my services and could hire workers that I know and tell them what to do and when.
  • I can describe how taking responsibility for my services will benefit me.
  • I am interested in managing the help that I need so I can live in the community.
  • I can write out a plan, on my own or with help, for the activities that help me stay in the community.
  • I can take on the responsibility as an employer of finding, hiring, and managing workers myself or if someone helped me.
  • I know someone who can help me with the responsibility of being an employer, if needed.

If you have any questions about the PASSPORT Program please contact us today.